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Galaxy Rose™

Galaxy Rose™


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Galaxy Rose™ offers an unforgettable gift that symbolizes eternal love and beauty. The striking beauty of our glass roses will mesmerize you with its many facets of vibrant purple, pink, and blue – giving it an unmistakable connection to a rainbow’s dazzling optimism.

Whether you’re shopping for a marriage proposal, wedding anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion - Galaxy Rose™ is the perfect way to bring enchantment into your celebrations!

Our carefully crafted artificial flower also makes wonderful decorations for any event; whether celebrating in person or from afar. Plug in your love and inspire those around you with light filled affirmations that will last forever.

Perfect as a stand-alone decoration or alongside flowers for extra glamour, these pieces are sure to make a lasting impression. Bring infinite hope and beauty into your home or someone else’s life today - buy Galaxy Rose™ now!

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